fastSCREEN™ Consumer Panels

Our fastSCREEN™ consumer panels are a fast and cost-effective way of screening leading insights, ideas and concepts with target consumers in key markets. The approach is designed to gather further consumer feedback and to help identify the winning concepts to take forward for final pre-launch evaluation e.g. BASES concept screening. A total of 20 to 40 mini concepts are randomly presented to consumers, including at least 2 benchmarks. Consumers are given 20-30 minutes to complete the task either directly online or in local "hall tests". Results are available in 24 hours to highlight the top 6-8 mini-concepts with greatest potential. Copywriting, artist and translation services are available as required. Watch the vimeo clip to see how it works.

fastSCREEN™ Image

fastSCREEN™ Key Benefits

Targeted fastSCREEN™ panels available in all leading markets

Typical projects screen 32-48 ideas with 300+ target consumers

Quickly identify insights and new ideas with the greatest potential

Capture fresh consumer feedback to help refine leading concepts

"fastSCREEN™ helped us to quickly identify 8 virtualHOTHOUSE® ideas for a full BASES concept test where results highlighted 3 ideas with outstanding market potential."

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