Case Studies

Global Soft Drinks Product Innovation


To engage marketing and R&D teams worldwide for a global soft drinks brand to generate and refine a pipeline of new product ideas that are compelling to consumers in key markets.

Our Approach

A 10-week virtualHOTHOUSE® project with 57 client delegates based in 12 markets, combined with a 2-day Ideas Hothouse™ workshop with creative-thinking consumers and consumer panels in 4 key markets. The online team initially shared, refined and evaluated leading consumer insights using our virtualHOTHOUSE® system. The strongest insights, together with other stimulus materials, were used to generate new product ideas at a 2-day Hothouse™, with 20 delegates and 16 creative-thinking consumers. Leading ideas were refined after the Hothouse™ by our team of copy-editors, prior to online screening with 250 consumers in China, Russia, UK and the USA using our fastSCREEN™ tool.


Results from our fastSCREEN™ testing highlighted eight concepts with "above average growth potential". These eight concepts were then tested externally using a BASES Snapshot survey in five markets. This work identified three concept ideas with “outstanding consumer appeal”. Winning concepts are now being progressed to market launch in lead markets.

"Snapshot BASES concept testing highlighted three concepts with outstanding consumer appeal."

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